Live-Blogging Piketty: Reading Pt. III – Dollars & Sense (blog)

Chris Giles and Ferdinando Giugliano raised some concerns about Thomas Piketty’s data in yesterday’s Financial Times. (See Naked Capitalism’s useful post on the flap.) Our reviewer Steve Pressman sent in his lastest “live-blogging” post with this note:  ”Since the numbers in Piketty’s book have become such a hot topic today, I got inspired to finish up the next blog posting. My take, as you will see, is that Piketty’s numbers are too conservative and underestimate the problem of rising income and wealth inequality. Thus, even if the Financial Times is correct about some errors by Piketty, his results will likely hold given the problems I identify.”  –Chris Sturr

Capital in the Twenty-First Century Part III

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